WAVE 3D Panels conveys the lightness and beauty of curves, conveying a strong feeling of comfort combined with an irreverent design. Creating  a pattern with the WAVE will transform any wall into a striking feature, giving it depth and magnificent light effects. The combination of colours allows for numerous possibilities of decoration, for any space. 


The making: Large granules of cork are combined with natural resins and colour pigments, before being poured into individual moulds and pressurised. Innovatively crafted from this natural, renewable material, the result is a highly durable, beautifully moulded 3D form, that is non-toxic, with fire resistance and acoustic benefits too. Further promoting comfort and wellbeing in any interior space destined to inspire and captivate.


Price per SQM: 127.20 (incl VAT)

Price per BOX: 321.80 (incl VAT)


BOX SIZE: 10 tiles, area 2.53 sqm

Minimum order quantity is 1 box


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Black Wave 3D Panels - 2.53 sqm box

  • Sqm per box: 2.53 sqm

    Tiles per box: 10

    Size per tile: 503 x 502 x 7 mm


    Price per SQM: 127.20 (incl VAT)

    Price per BOX: 321.80 (incl VAT)


    Suitable for: Walls I Ceilings I Headboards I Memo boards