The four simple square shapes of each tile blend across the wall to create a balanced look that is full of depth and intrigue. Thanks to the irregular, angled planes of each square, light reflections and shadows are cast, adding further impact to the overall effect. This design is perfect to entirely or partially cover walls, create easy headboards, or functional ??_artwork??_. Great when colours are combined too. The making: Large granules of cork are combined with natural resins and colour pigments, before being poured into individual moulds and pressurised. Innovatively crafted from this natural, renewable material, the result is a highly durable, beautifully moulded 3D form, that is non-toxic, with fire resistance and acoustic benefits too. Further promoting comfort and wellbeing in any interior space destined to inspire and captivate.

CHOCK 3D Wall Tiles

  • MATERIAL Massive cork pieces agglomerated with special resins and additives, molded in shape with mass color pigmentation.

    SIZE 250 x 250 x 24 mm

    INSTALLATION glue or stickers

    WEIGHT (BOX) 3,330 kg

    PACKED 16 tiles, area 1 sqm

    FIRE RESISTANT B-S1,d0 (En13823)

    ACOUSTIC (NRC) 0,3 (EN ISO 11654)

    THERMAL CONDUCTIBILITY (W/M.C) 0,0468 (EN 12667-2001)

    THERMAL RESISTANCE (M2C/W) 0,47 (EN 12667-2001)

    VOC class A (French Norm EN ISO/IEC 17025)