Suber Creations 

renewable cork + interior creations 

Sparked from a deep love and appreciation for both our forests and beautifully crafted, design-led interior products, we recognised that beautifying places and spaces can be achieved without costs to the earth. 

renew + create 


Cork is a 100% natural plant tissue, harvested from the Cork Oak tree (Quarecus Suber)

The harvesting does not harm the tree, as no trees are cut down during the harvesting process. Unlike wood, cork is stripped from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree, where a new layer of bark (called the Suber) restores within 5-10 years, making  it 100% renewable and completely sustainable.

Cork Oaks often live more than 200 years. As the trees are not chopped down when the cork is harvested, forests and plantations are not destroyed - and support diverse ecosystems. Harvesters are well trained to have the skills necessary to harvest the bark without harming the tree - and do so entirely without machinery. Cork trees cannot legally be cut down in Portugal, with the industry rigorously regulated  too - which is the source of the cork and point of production of all the creations in our collections. 


This highly functional and comforting material is great to use in interiors, with an array of benefits.

Cork burns without igniting in flame and does not emit any toxic gasses or chemicals. 

As it is filled with air pockets and is made up of around 50% air, it is an extremely lightweight material. 

Cork is also hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain.


Cork is also an enjoyable material for product design and development, as it wonderfully merges with industry technologies to shape and create the desired forms. 


Cork provides an uber cool alternative to the forestry industries and potentially unvetted sources of timber.

Definition of suber 


: corky plant tissue : the outer bark of the cork oak tree



Definition of creations


: a thing which has been made or invented, especially something showing artistic talent.